Shortly before we started seriously gaming with our Xbox a title launched that hosts of MajorNelson Radio, -and really everyone else couldn’t stop talking about. They’d discuss how their different traits and position would effect their team. We’d hear literally hours of banter about what they’d do differently once their team got back together. Unfortunately we never got around to picking the game up until today. Why today? Easy, it’s DLC is this week’s Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week.

Until March 12, Xbox LIVE Gold users can pick up Borders: Secret Armory, Borderlands Zombie Island, Borderlands: New Revolution, and Borderlands: The Underdome for a mere 400 Microsoft Points ($5). Additionally Borderlands: Claptrap is going for 220 Microsoft Points ($2.75)  and the Borderlands: Treasure Chest for a paltry 160 Microsoft Points ($2).

You can pick them up right now over at, and we’d suggest you start with Dr. Ned and Zombie Island. According to our Twitter follower’s, you can’t go wrong with zombies.


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