What happens when you cross, the undead of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, the stealthy awesomeness of Ninja Gaiden 3,   and so a list of Disney-Pixar characters so long you’ll get the subconscious urge to snatch a copy before it goes back in the “Disney vault”? You get this week’s Xbox Releases.


Full Titles

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City releasing March 20th Genre: Action Adventure

Ninja Gaiden 3 releasing March 20th Genre: Platformers

Kinect Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure releasing March 20th Genre: Adventure Gamers

Armored Core V releasing March 20th releasing March 20 Genre: Action Adventure


Xbox LIVE Arcade

Sine Mora releasing March 21st Genre: Other Shooters

Rayman 3 HD releasing March 21st Genre: Platformers




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