During today’s earnings call Microsoft’s Windows and Office divisions once again delivered the green. PC sales are up and Office is still selling like there’s no tomorrow. In fact there were very few surprises in the gang from Redmond’s balance sheet -except for a weaker showing from it’s Entertainment and Devices Division.

Overall revenue was up a full 6% year over year with $17.41 billion making it’s way into the company’s coffers $5.11 billion of which was profit. So how does all of that break down by division? The Business Division led the company with $5.81 billion in revenue, followed by the Windows and Windows Live Division with 4.62 billion in revenue, the Server & Tools Division with $4.57 billion in revenue, and the Online Servers Division with $707 million in revenue (at a loss of 300 million).

What will really get people talking is Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices Division posting a decrease year over year to $1.62 billion in revenue which Microsoft attributes to “a soft gaming console market”. What makes it even more interesting is that Microsoft once again omitted any sales figures or any numbers that would have helped gauge how  Windows Phone is doing in the marketplace. There’s also very little about why the division’s research and development expenses are up year over year to $100 million, but here’s to hoping it’s all going to a good cause.

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