So the short and sweet of it is that sometimes you just wanna beat the s**t out of someone or something, know what I mean?  I recently heard on the radio that there was a local company in the business of ‘Rage Cages’, i.e.  they build you a room inside their facility and for a nominal fee you can trash the ever-living you know what out of everything inside.  Everything is customization friendly so you can specify if you want mostly furniture, lots of glass, ect.

I was amazed, what a brilliant concept! Doesnt that sound AWESOME to be able to walk in, and destroy a room a’la David Lee Roth when he found a brown M&M in his hotel room back in the 80’s? The best part? You dont have to clean it up. Just lay waste Kratos style and then go home to the family.

So, intrepid listener… this is your raging mix. This is the stuff I put on when I wanna beat someone to death with a lead pipe in the study like Col. Mustard and use the skull as a bowling ball. Consequently it is made up of some of the angriest, heaviest, most agro stuff in my 3500+  MP3 collection and far different from anything I’ve offered you yet.

Just remember to wipe the blood off of your teeth, ok?

This one has some pretty blatant profanity as well so please enjoy responsibly:


H8RED (left click to play, right click to save as)


Featuring tracks from Skrew, Sister Machine Gun, Fear Factory, Downer, The Infidels, The Union Underground & Orgy



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