Long time readers will know that we’ve been hearing about the death of the Zune software for literally years now. While we’re not quite ready to order the mourning this news won’t help: effective immediately, users will no longer be able to browse or purchase applications for Windows Phone from Zune.

“As a general rule, we like to focus our engineering efforts where they matter most, and your taps and clicks tell us that’s our phone and web stores. So starting today we began the process of removing the Windows Phone apps option from the Zune software. The Zune HD app store will remain open.”

You’ll still need the Zune Software to update your device or load any media.

5 Comments on “Microsoft nixes the Windows Phone Marketplace from the Zune Software”

  1. Then what are they going to release, software wise, so you can get apps through besides the phone and the website? Also will they be releasing a software for the phone and possible windows 8 tablets (when they come out).

  2. Maybe integrated with the Windows 8 store eventually. Microsoft acts a little bi-polar sometimes with support. Witness the huge flap over 1) no XP client for SkyDrive; 2) not clearly stating prior to download that ut was not compatible with XP.

    Also rumors that phones released as recently as this month nay not upgrade to Apollo. Schizophrenic.:D

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