We all knew that a day would come when Windows Phone 7.0 wasn’t exactly the Microsoft mobile OS to have and for the small amount of you who are still running Windows Phone 7.0 that day is today. As of two days ago, users running any version of Windows Phone before 7.5 will no longer be able to download applications from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Microsoft marked the transition in a short post on the Windows Phone Blog, noting that;

“Most phones are already running Windows Phone 7.5, which was released last fall, and so most of you won’t notice anything different about how the Marketplace works.”

So how do you get the free upgrade? Upgrading to Windows Phone 7.5 is as easy as plugging your phone into your computer and following the instructions provided in the Zune Software. Now why you aren’t running the latest version of the software that powers a device that you use to run your life everyday, that is another issue entirely.

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