SmartGlass Coming to Microsoft ecosystem

Soon you’ll be able to use your smartphone, tablet, or PC part of your Xbox LIVE experience with Xbox SmartGlass, a collection of applications for enhancing video, music and games on your Xbox.

We’ve heard Microsoft talk about it’s Buy Once Play Anywhere goals for at least three years, but it seems the folks in Redmond are finally prepared to make the last critical steps, with applications coming for Windows 8, iPhone, iPad, and Android phones that will allow you to play your content as well as control your Xbox. Developer swill also be able to take advantage of these apps to create more “immersive experiences” for their games. Details are still a little light but the Xbox Press Center is showing a release date of “2nd half of 2012”.

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  1. It was a very smart move on their part not to limit this only to the Microsoft ecosystem. Although I prefer Microsoft, many people obviously use Android and Apple as while and it is good to see Microsoft realizing the potential in not making themselves exclusive (like Apple 😉

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