During today’s E3 announcements Microsoft finally pulled the plug on Zune, replacing it with Xbox Music.

So far we know very little about the service. But we’ll update you the moment Microsoft announces anything else other than the name change.

“Xbox Music is a one-stop, end-to-end music solution that will give you access to your music collection from any screen, combined with unique social features. Xbox Music includes a music store for song downloads, music subscription offering, artist-based radio and a great cross-screen client for your personal music collections.” Xbox Press Center

2 Comments on “Microsoft officially announces Xbox Music”

  1. You know people often complain that Xbox is going to far out with everything and not focusing on core gamers. I think it is partially true, but I’m excited to see tight innovation with Xbox diversifying across screens and entertainment. I actually am really excited to see the new Music system from Microsoft and am really expectant to see the potential of SmartGlass realized. The games should also be a primary focus but people need to realize we’re talking about the future of technology not just games. Games use that technology, with technology comes further potential for games.

    • I too think the tales of Xbox not focusing on core gamers are overblown. There are no core gamers there are gamers who play games, all styles of which are represented on Xbox.

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