Credit where credit is due, we never saw any hint of this one coming, (so maybe we had a few clues but the front page of enConnected is no place for innuendo or rumor), today Microsoft announced that it will be making it’s own Windows RT and Windows 8 Tablets, called Surface PCs.

We’ve still no word on pricing, battery life, availability, so don’t go saving those pennies just yet we’ll have more information as it becomes available.



The Verge has managed to dig up a little more details about what seems to be a tetonic shift in the way Microsoft interacts with personal computer manufactures like Dell and HP. The Microsoft Surface will come in two flavors. Surface for Windows RT will be based on Nvidia’s Tegra 3 processors and will not allow for the installation of any applications to it’s desktop per standard restrictions for Windows RT. The device will ship with an “HD” quality display, a microSD card slot, 32GB or 64 GB of storage and USB 2.0. Surface for Windows 8 will Run Windows 8 Pro and not only give you the ability to install apps to the device’s desktop, but also a Intel Core I Series processor harness all of that power.  This version will have a “full HD screen”, a microSDXC card slot, USB 3.0, Mini DisplayPort and ship with either 64GB or 128GB of storage.

We’ve included a short video from Surface’s new YouTube page to help you get a feel for the new device.

7 Comments on “Microsoft Introduces Surface Tablets”

  1. Seriously.. How do the keyboard/covers change colors? With my price budget looks like I will be able to get one of the Surface Windows RT.

  2. Absolutely sweet. The keyboard covers either touch or regular keyboard are game changers. As us 128gb on the Windows 8 Pro. I also agree with the comment that if the quality is that of the HD, it will be solid. What’s everyone think? 8 Pro or RT?

  3. Going to go with RT. Going to use it as a entertainment on the go device. Honestly how high powered of a device do i need to look and comment on enconnected, 😉 .

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