Welcome to the first edition of Avatar Wall of Shame on enConnected. Today we will focus our short attention spans, stop playing your Halo: Reach for two minutes, to check out Stun Claymore’s Xbox LIVE Profile. He decided to go against the Terms of Service of Xbox LIVE and re-skin his avatar, purple. Now I don’t know about you, but purple is not a default color of the Avatar Editor.

“My XBOX LIVE Account Stun Claymores was suspended. I dont know why I was suspended and  I cant reach the e-mail.” – Stun Claymores

Unfortunately for Stun, he will not be able to wear that Minecraft t-shirt in the digital world because it is now Microsoft’s due to him forfeiting it and the rest of anything he bought on Xbox LIVE.

The moral of this post is, do not mod your avatar outside the perimeters of the Xbox LIVE Avatar Editor. There will be repercussions.

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