Hope you saved some of your hard earned money for some Microsoft Points. Once again it is another Friday, and time for another Indie Game Spotlight.  If you blew your money on fireworks we understand. We understand that some of you get paid weekly which means you get paid today and can go out and buy more MS Points.  Bi-weekly people, just going to have to wait till next week. Have fun with this weeks Indie Games.

S. Avatar Fighting Tournament

Developer: Buhd

Description: Welcome to Super Avatar Fighting Tournament: Indie Edition Jump into the fray and pit your avatar against those of your friends in this fight to the death. Who will be the best… around?! The critics agree: An ancient sport becomes a deadly game -Frank Dux If your enemy refuses to be humbled, destroy him -Kurt Sloan When the streets are a jungle, there can only be one king -Léon Gaultier

Price: 80 Microsoft Points ($1)

The Rise of Gaddafish

Developer: Baller Industries

Description: Wilson Cooper has turned into a fish and swum to war torn Libya. Alone and with no money, he must learn to take care of himself in the midst of a civil war.

Price: 80 Microsoft Points ($80)


Developer: Owen Deery

Description: Dropped into a lush planet you must fly and fight your way through perilous defenses and find the Big Button! Danger abounds! Artillery, mines, pointy things and more!

Price: 80 Microsoft Points ($1)

Shooting at Monsters

Developer: sanGames

Description: Try your shooting skills and shoot as many monsters as you can before the countdown ends. Use the offline multiplayer (2 players) mode for more fun with a friend. New monsters, items and levels will be available with new free updates.

Price: 80 Microsoft Points ($80)

Go Gimbal Go

Developer: Gimbal_Lock_Studios

Description: Go Gimbal Go is a challenging 2D platformer starring Gimbal, a hero out to save the world from the evil robot ‘King Commandroid’. Using his turbo speeds and stretching Grabber arm abilities, he races across rainbow pathways with high-speed gameplay, physic bending jumps, and countless secret paths, in 24 levels all designed for difficulty and re-playability. Go, Gimbal! Go!

Price: 240 Microsoft Points ($3)

Andy’s Notepad [Saucers]

Developer: Coneware

Description: Our young friend Andy has drawn his latest daydream on his notepad. He’s imagining flying saucers, wild planets, moons and even black holes! Develop your spaceship piloting skills and exercise your combat skills with four weapon types as you fly around on Andy’s Notepad!

Price: 80 Microsoft Points ($1)

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