There’s no better way to quickly stick a knife in the heart of a case of the Mondays than disappearing into a world for two hours and following it’s characters as they teach you lessons on life, love, and Kung Fu. Luckily you can catch a movie on all these three and more for a $1.25, right now in the Zune Video Marketplace.

During Microsoft’s Rent it For 100 Points promotion, you can rent Bereavement, Tekken, Out of Time, Our Idiot Brother, Stan Helsing, Barbershop, 13 Going on 30, The Babysitters, Soul Plane, Jeepers Creepers, Mr. Brooks, Fatso, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Gridiron Gang, Windtalkers, and Man of The House for that 100 Microsoft Points $1.25. Just a tip though, the words “family”, “movie”, and “night” should not be uttered when considering these for rental.

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