A few months ago Justin Amirkhani joined us on enConnected LIVE to discuss what I then described as “the coolest journalism project I’d heard about all year”. Justin aka The Gamer Unplugged, is traveling the United States, while having serious philosophical discussions with popular video game developers about how they approach their craft. While on the road, he’s also blogging the entire experience.

When we last talked to Justin his plan was to visit a crazy amount of developers, all within three months but as the project has increased in scope and the number of developers open to talking to Justin has increased, he’s decided to extend his stay in U.S. few a few months. There’s just one problem, he needs our help to finance his extended stay and that’s why we would like everyone to consider donating to The Gamer Unplugged project. We believe in what Justin is doing. We wouldn’t ask for your donations, nor put him on the front page otherwise. If you’re into video games, reading travel blogs, or hearing stories of love lost and guns fired, help The GamerUnplugged out!

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