Preparing our final goodbyes for Zune

With the next version of both Windows and Windows Phone quickly approaching, it’s nearly time for us to say our final goodbyes to the Zune ecosystem as we know it today.  Now we’ve got a few things planned for the occasion, but it wouldn’t be a proper goodbye to Zune if we didn’t let the community say goodbye in a big way as well.

Starting today, we would like to offer up anyone who has anything to say on the subject the chance to do so, right here on enConnected. Your words don’t have to be long, or extravagant, but it we will need them to be emailed to or posted as a comment in this article by August 10th. After we’ll comb through our favorites to showcase here on enConnected.

Update We’ve disabled our normal commenting requirements to allow for everyone to easily leave their thoughts.

12 Comments on “Preparing our final goodbyes for Zune”

  1. Farewell, Zune. You have entertained me for years and kept the music pumping. Hopefully the news Windows environment will live up to how good you’ve treated me.

  2. I feel like a parent watching my kid grow up. I don’t want it to happen, because I love her just as she is. But I also know it has to happen, and hope that she’s as successful and happy as she was before.

  3. So long, Zune. As a brand, you may be gone. Your influence, however, cannot be disputed. You will live on in each and every Metro-style app that comes along. Long live Zune. \m/

  4. Zune started it all, I cant really say goodbye when it has never left. Xbox Music is just a rebrand of Zune, and the whole Windows Phone experience is based off of Metro which Zune offered first. 🙂

  5. My Zune HD is still the best mobile mp3 player I’ve ever used. Bar none. I still quietly hope that there’ll be a firmware update one day, but it takes the mind a while to let go of these things 🙂 For now, I remain quietly smug that the metro interface, which is now being used across the Microsoft ecosystem, was created by Zune.

  6. I love my ZuneHD and hate to see that Microsoft stop making any more hardware. I never care about the apps, because my ZuneHD is the best mp3 player out the still. As others hae said, Zune will always live in my windows phone. But, just wish that Microsoft had put my whole ZuneHD experience into my windows phone. I will cry whenever my Zune ever does stop working, hopefully never…long live Zune…

  7. Unfortunately your creator did’nt have faith in you. Lets see what you can accomplish now that you have the attire and the bling to be noticed by the masses. I have no idea what i will do when my Zune hd fails.

  8. Nothing came close to the Zune HD. Still carry mine everyday. As others have said, if you are using Xbox, upgrading to Windows 8, have a Windows Phone, you owe a hats off to the Zune,, Marketplace, and the Zune community. Thanks Travis for keeping the flame alive.

  9. Zune, I first met you in HD….even though you never came to Australia. I had to stow you away from the States – and then work out where I would say I lived in the US to get a local MS account. 😀

    I discussed you at anythingbutipod, then shared with other Aussies at Whirlpool. Then, your metro looks and clean design brought me to Windows Phone.

    From there, your UI moved to my Xbox, and then finally last year Zune Pass arrived, on phone, Xbox and PC.

    They may rename you, but I will always remember that it was the ZuneHD that set me on the path to 3 screens and 🙂


  10. Thank you Zune, when you came to Australia, you were the first Subscription Music service here (although you were quickly followed by Mog, RDio, Spotify & Pandora).

    You showed me that obtaining music legally could be good value and worth it (unlike iTunes).

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