Not to be outdone by the Windows Team, Windows Phone also has a bit of news today or rather will be having a bit of news in just in few weeks.

On September 5th, a date we already had marked in our calendars because of Nokia World; Microsoft and Nokia will be teaming up for a joint press event in New York City, presumably to talk about the next generation of Nokia devices, and services. The invite also makes references to Nokia Maps, so for those who get all excited about navigating concrete jungles, it’s sure to be an exciting event for you too!


2 Comments on “Microsoft and Nokia to hold press event”

  1. I just hope they are not announcing phones that are 3 months out. Perfect scenario for me: announce 2 phones, one 4.8 the other 4.0. Available Oct1. Currently using the Cyan Lumia 900 – great phone, but a little to big (that’s what she said) and I really liked my samsung focus size.

    • I’m personally hoping for some sort of flagship on T-Mobile. I’m not switching networks just to get a decent Nokia device. Don’t get me wrong, I love them but give me something I can work with, preferably with 32gbs of storage, a very decent camera, and a 4.5 inch screen, and colors to choose from.

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