In an email to Zune Music Pass subscribers Microsoft has just provided us with a short list of things that won’t be making their way into the Xbox Music service this fall.

Changes will include the lost of MixView, and all channel playlists, the ability to purchase or stream music videos through the Zune Software, downloading, re-activating or re-licensing music videos, the complete loss of the ability to download apps for the Zune HD, and our personal favorite “sending and receiving messages, inviting friends, sharing the songs, playlists, and albums you are listening to, and viewing past play history” -or as long time users would call it, murdering Zune Social.

The newsletter goes on to explain that these changes will be made effective August 31st, and that the folks in Redmond will have more to say on the things being offered by the service soon, hopefully in the list of new offerings will be a way to share the music we love with our friends in a new form.

5 Comments on “Microsoft details changes coming to subscribers of Zune Pass”

  1. While I’m sad to see these features going away, I can’t say I’m all that surprised by most of the news.

    The sad thing, though, is the fact that they’re taking away music videos. They just added that feature not too long ago, and now they’re taking it away again.

    • I’m really surprised at the music video stuff, I just got in the habit of watching. Here’s to hoping they’ve got something better planned in that department.

  2. Travis, you gave Microsoft the best of it. Hardly a “short” list. Essentially, even before I know how Xbox Music will work with my Zunes, they have crippled the desktop software, removed features from my Pass (something I thought was not going to happen) and turned their backs on me.

    So my first step is to re-install all the apps I removed (I have room now that I have a backup HD) and make sure I have my past music and videos backed up. Better see some real love in the new music service.

  3. Grr. When they said we’d no longer be able to download ZuneHD apps, I didn’t realize that also meant that the apps we already had would disappear from within the Zune software.

    Does anyone know how to locate those apps I downloaded so that I can put them on the Zune HD? Are they basically gone forever, and whatever apps I already have installed on the Zune are the only apps it will ever get?

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