We’ll level with you. We haven’t been very excited with the recent assortment of Xbox LIVE deals that Microsoft is offering up. Don’t get us wrong -we appreciate deals but, when your offering up something like 50% discounts on Batman Arkham City, everything else just pails in comparison.

From today until October 22nd, Xbox LIVE Gold users can pick up the entirety of Batman Arkham City’s wares on the cheap including the Robin Bundle and Nightwing Bundle Map Packs for 280 Microsoft Points ($3.50), the Challenge Map Pack for 120 Microsoft Points ($1.50), the Arkham City Skins Pack for 200 Microsoft Points ($2.50), the Catwoman Bundle Pack for400 Microsoft Points ($5). Depending on your region you may also be eligible for a deep discount on the game itself this week as well.

Now, go forth young Bruce Wayne wannabes. We shall give Gotham what it needs and the hero it deserves and without the cheesy happy ending.

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