Do you smell it? Can you feel?  Can you taste it? The winter gaming season is approaching, fast and not even a remixed and reenergized James Bond can save you from it’s world domination schemes. Here are the games and downloadable content you can expect this week for the Xbox 360.


Dance Central 3

Long after there were rhythm games of quality came the Kinect-centric Dance Central series of games. Once again you’re ability to memorize dance moves and showcase something we’re completely lacking –actual rhythm, will be challenged with all-new choreography and all new-songs. Releasing October 16th


007 Legends

The man universally known as just Bond is back in 007 Legends, and this time you’ll get access to six story missions from the films. Of course your favorite gadgets like luxury coups equipped with rockets and dangerous writing utensils will also be along for the adventure. What do we expect? We expect you to be awesome, Mr. Bond. Releasing October 16th


Other games hitting store shelves this week include Doom 3 BFG Edition, Zumba Fitness Core, Wheel of Fortune,  and Jeopardy! Forget Alex Trebek and Pat Sajak, it’s your turn to ask and answer questions, dress comfortably, and make seemingly nonsensical jokes at players expense.

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