Are you still waiting for that new Xbox Dashboard that includes support for Internet Explorer ratings and recommendations from Rotten Tomatoes, and Xbox Music and Video? Good news, you’ll have by the end of the day.

According to Xbox LIVE’s MajorNelson, all users who have consoles connected to Xbox LIVE and have yet to receive the update will be prompted to do starting today. Users of the new dashboard will also be able to take advantage of Xbox SmartGlass, the new companion for Windows, iOS, and Android devices.


6 Comments on “Xbox LIVE Dashboard Heading to everyone this week”

  1. I’m curious about changes. I have been using the Beta Dashboard since they introduced it and saw numerous updates in the past several weeks, but none this week.

    Even more curious to me…I have seen NO indication that Xbox music was coming to Japan, however, in a recent email (one to my US ID and one to my Japanese) regarding Windows 8 which of course is coming to Japan this week, the same language hyping SmartGlass and Xbox Music was contained in both. I would hope that if it IS NOT coming to Japan, the mailing to Japanese customers would have been changed. Well, only a couple days to find out!

    • It’s my understanding that there are a ridiculous amount of new markets being introduced this cycle, like 100ish but I’ve seen no actual list. Here’s to hoping Japan is on it.

  2. On another note…The teaser video on SmartGlass spoke of using it on “devices you already own.” I am more and more under the impression this will be a Windows 8/Windows Phone 8 app, not available on Windows Phone 7.x. Any feel for that, Travis?

    • I’m honestly starting to get that feeling as well. We’ve heard absolutely nothing about them on older devices and after the debacle with Xbox Music i’m not entirely sold we’ll ever see them on 7.5 devices. At least that’s the feeling I get.

    • Hey! I installed SmartGlass on my Titan this morning! While I didn’t get too much time to play with it this morning, I will tonight. I am pumped. Caught just briefly Xbox Music Yo Yo Ma. And while I didn’t wait long enough for it to completely download and update the SmartGlass, I could see that the info was coming. Also, that swiping, typing, browsing will be greatly enhanced. Now, this was on my US ID, so I will not be able to do the same yet on the Japan Side, but I will play this weekend with my Acer once I get Win8 up and running and see if on the Japanese ID, I can do the same. I seriously doubt it, but I’ll report back.

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