Who do you get to team up against the impending juggernaut that is Microsoft’s Halo 4? Apparently if you are a publisher, you enlist an army of franchise retreads, with new editions of the NASCAR, Mass Effect Trilogy all making their debut this week alongside of the Master chief’s latest adventure.


Halo 4

Whatever happened to John 117? What enemy can be more dangerous than The Flood?  The man in the Spartan Armor is finally back folks and Microsoft’s 343 Industries has pulled out all the stops in creating a follow up to Halo 3. How epic can this game be? We’re talking episodic weekly story telling with the new Spartan Ops mode. Still not epic enough for you? How about a refined multi-player mode with new weapons and the return of a few of your favorite killing devices.  Sure, you won’t be hearing from The Rookie or what’s left of Noble Team any time soon nor will you be enjoying long killing sprees in Firefight but that’s a trade we’re willing to make. Releasing November 6th


Other retail title releases include NASCAR The Game: Inside Line, Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection, History Legends of War: Patton, Midway Arcade Origins. Shepard at the team also return for Mass Effect Trilogy, a collected rerelease of the entire series thus far, sure it’s not going to sooth those still reeling from how the series ended, but at least those who didn’t take the plunge the first time will get the chance to take the plunge for one low price.


Are you picking up anything fresh this week for the Xbox 360?


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