Ten years ago today Microsoft unleashed online multiplayer into the world and today it’s celebrating by hooking up all Xbox LIVE users with a Thank You in the form of free and discounted content to all of it’s users.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been that long, we didn’t get our first experience with LIVE until 2006 but that doesn’t mean we haven’t grown just as attached as our longer-tenured brethren. Enough reminiscing? Oh yeah the deals! For a limited time Microsoft is offering 50% off Castle Crashers, Battlefield 1943, Fruit Ninja Kinect, Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved, Bastion, Peggle, and Full House Poker. Those of you who have a Kinect sensor can claim a free copy of Wreckateer, the Xbox LIVE Arcade title that just debuted during this past Summer of Arcade.

Our friends over at Pocketables also have an excellent piece on the anniversary, for all of you who don’t mind a little trip down memory lane.

Here’s to Xbox LIVE, the best damn gaming -entertainment service that’s ever graced our living room.

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