Since the launch of Windows Phone 8 we’ve heard from many user who simply can’t find the applications they enjoyed using on their Windows Phone 7 devices on their new hotness. Although we can’t do much to make any of those users feel any better about the apparently compatibility between Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 devices, we can confirm that you’ll have one less app to worry about: TuneIn.

When we first received our Windows Phone 8X we we’re absolutely baffled by the absence of our favorite internet radio service, especially since it’s one of the most high profile apps to have ever hit the Windows Phone Store. So we wrote to the folks at TuneIn to check in and see what the disappearing act was about.:

“Thank you for contacting us regarding this issue. We are working on a Windows Phone 8 application.  ”

TuneIn Radio

Yep, that’s all we’ve got, but at least we know that they’re working on it. Now to a bigger question, why does this seem to be a recurring theme with popular Windows Phone 7 applications?

Update: The “Windows Phone 8 application” that we noted in our report is now officially available for to users in the Windows Phone Store.

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