Before you get down to hanging the stocking with care and caroling into the night, we’d like you to do us a little favor. Put away that gadget you’re using to read this, and for the next two days spend your time with friends and family.

Don’t worry you won’t miss any of our comprehensive Microsoft entertainment coverage, we’ll be doing exactly what we’re suggesting you do. Though don’t stay away for too long though, come Wednesday December 26th, we’ll be back with a tutorial blow on enConnected on YouTube to help teach your special someone how to use that Microsoft-made gift someone has given them.

From Curtis, Patrick, Brad, Steven and myself; have a great holiday.


Until Wednesday,

We are enConnected. now playing.

P.S. The holiday also gave us the opportunity to try out the boxed version of the design and scheduling system we’ll be using more of in 2013 to host full page ads from our new in-house team. Moving on up!

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