So you’ve managed to make it another week around these fine parts eh? Well first, congratulations. Second, that doesn’t mean you’ll survive what’s next.

Most of the cool things we had lined up for last week, we’re unfortunately pushed to this week as we struggled to shore up some infrastructure issues related to the increased amount of traffic we’ve taken on -and the somewhat busier than normal news cycle for early December certainly didn’t help things. So let’s try this routine one more time.

This week we’ve got a few hot ovens in the fire including a review of the Mail for Windows 8 by our very own Curits Graymala and Windows RT powered devices, a final updated review of the Windows Phone 8X by HTC, and more in word form.

Podcast junkies and video fans will also get treated to all the Xbox entertainment related videos they stomach this week as we try to work in a few to help Holiday shoppers. Oh and that episode of The Married Gamer’s Podcast that I appeared on this past Wednesday to talk about Microsoft entertainment products is also available for you to enjoy at your leisure.

So strap and join us as we take you through another week in the wide and wonderful world of connected entertainment at Microsoft and beyond.

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