On this day three years ago Travis announced that he would be joining follow Zune followers Jason Dunn, Marques Lyons, Andrea Avellan, Paul Colligan, Corey Shuster, Neville Williams, Grahm Skee, Harvey Cute and Jonathan Hefner as Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals who’d been awarded for their contributions to the Zune Community. It was one of the biggest moments for ZuneSpring. It changed the way we approached the site and the way we approached everything about the product itself.

It’s my pleasure to announce that as of January 1st I’ve been allowed to continue my work in the Xbox community with Allyn Creel, Grahm Skee, Alexndre Mescherinoff, Daylon Furlough, James McCormick, Stephen Cameron, Rick Kim, Martina Niebuhr, Yu Jeong Kim, Nicholas Puleo, Helene Wilson, Lisa Bidder, Neville Williams, Marques Lyons, Zach Wigal, Mohd Nizam, Morten Skou, Edward Webb, Trina Finton, Rick Wallace, Nori Fox, David Lync, Mark Libman, Jose Cerqueira Barros Jr, Frederik De Breuck, Chris Brown, Bandee Adams, Dario Zgrablic, William Devereux, Cody Sanchex, John Kiewswetter, Kartik Mudgal, Zac Pratt, Luigi Violin, Kirby Yablonski, and Oscar Diaz in the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional program.

I’d like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support. I’ve got big plans for the site this year and starting out the 2013 this way is a hell of a motivator. Back in 2010 I said, “Here’s to ZuneSpring, and the people who make it better each and everyday, here’s to you dear Zune owner. I work for you, what’s next boss?”

I’m once again humbled, and ready to do your bidding, Dear Reader. What’s next?

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  1. Congrats Travis! Looking forward to chatting with you at this year’s Summit. I have a few ideas I’d love to discuss with you and a handful of others.

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