There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that the gaming powerhouse known as the Xbox 360 is also one of the bestselling home entertainment device available today. Just in case you needed a reminder, Microsoft has some quick stats on the subject, along with a few glimpses of what a dual focused Xbox LIVE entertainment service might offer for consumers.

During The Wall Street Journal’s D: Dive Into Media event, Interactive Entertainment Business chief Yusuf Mehdi, talked up some of Microsoft’s latest usage data for Xbox LIVE. While there’s not much in the way of details, Mehdi does offer up a few interesting tidbits including the revelation that the average Xbox 360 is now used 87 hours per month, with the majority of the time now being spent enjoying the various entertainment services now available to Xbox LIVE users.

While we’re on the subject of Xbox LIVE users, some 51 percent of them have children, a statistic we know is very important to Microsoft as entertainment and digital media president Nancy Tellem spent most of her time at the event talking up the company’s plans to produce interactive content geared “at the younger demographic”. The company has already taken its first steps toward this, it began offering Kinect Sesame Street just this past fall. When asked about whether users would get to feast their eyes on this new interactive content this year Tellem, only offered a vague “I’m Hoping”.

According to both Mehdi and Tellem, Microsoft won’t attempt to compete with traditional video providers like cable and satellite operators. Instead the plan is to partner with these outlets instead.

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