Looking to check out some of your favorite artists music videos and Twitter messages on Windows Phone? Apparently Microsoft has just thing.

Buzz (1)The new feature, creatively called “buzz”, recently started appearing on the individual artist pages when browsed from a Windows Phone 8 device and includes auto generating links to recent videos featuring a particular artist hosted on YouTube, “in their own words” -a link to what that artist has recently posted on Twitter, and “friends into” -a link to all of the friends who’ve liked that same artist on Facebook.

As we’ve had no news from the Xbox Music Team on the new feature, nor any information on what other new things might be lurking there, we’re still gathering intelligence. Until then, Windows Phone 8 users should take this opportunity to check out the feature for themselves on their devices. Maybe The Social isn’t as dead as we thought it was?

Correction: According to third-party sources, we got this one wrong. It seems buzz has actually always existed in Windows Phone 8 but only surfaced for particular artists (though we’ve used our Windows Phone 8 devices since the November launch and never ran across the feature once -even when looking up Jay-Z and others previously.  We apologize.)

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  1. I have used this before. Always thought this was a cool way XBOX Music sets itself ahead of others. Now just give me my Video back with music please.

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