Most of Team enConnected will be on the road or otherwise engaged for the next week, but we’ll still be here, kicking butt and getting the latest news to you as it happens. That last bit shouldn’t be too much of a problem as our temporary operating time zone will match Microsoft’s. Speaking of Microsoft -That’s actually where we’re headed.

During the next five days we’ll be running around from Downtown Bellevue, Washington with our ears open, listening for any and all insight on Microsoft’s entertainment products that we think you might find useful. We’ve got a few sessions at Microsoft’s Redmond campus scheduled as well as hangout sessions with names you might recognize, including WindowsObserver’s Richard Hay, ConsumerCamp’s Marques Lyons, Pocketables’ William Devereux, The Married Gamer’s Chris Brown and Microsoft’s Eric Doty, Larry Herb.

Instead of following our personal Twitter feeds, which you are perfectly welcome to do, we thought it would be better to test our new LivePost technology for the week. At you can follow us along the journey and possibly get a few shout outs from personalities you’ve come to know. From now until Friday you can visit this page for the latest updates. At no time will we be posting information covered under non-disclosure agreement however, anything we’re allowed to share with you, we will. This includes Travis’ taking pictures and making funny faces for the entire world to see.

Anyway, the attendant is calling our flight. We’ll see you on the other side of this eight-hour travel bonanza. For the latest updates, just keep checking back here.

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