You know that feeling of random nervousness you get every time you think about the features that could be coming to Microsoft’s next generation Xbox? One way or another that’ll end tomorrow during the company’s Xbox Revealed event and we’d like you to digitally hold hands with us during the experience.

We’re LIVE

I and many of enConnected’s contributors will be at enConnected headquarters watching and chatting about whatever Microsoft has up it’s sleeve tomorrow, and the party won’t be the same if you guys don’t show up. Unlike those other guys doing liveblogs, we’ll be here with live feedback and a bucket for all the tears that will well up in your eyes as Microsoft potentially blows the roof off the place. Per our usual modus operandi, we’ll also hijack the feed so that you can chat with other users and watch at the same time.

The fun starts at 1:00 PM EST or 10:00 AM PST if you’re one of our friends who’ll be watching from the West Coast of the United States.

In the even you can’t tune in, we’ll also be piping in the latest reactions from our follows on Twitter.


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  1. May not affect me on the device. I already pay for points using local currency, so will simply affect money. Vs. Points.

    Xbox Live and Zune/Xbox Music are ny main concerns and as long as PayPal stays the option there I am cool.

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