Have you been looking for even more Xbox LIVE applications to feed your video content hunger? Starting today Microsoft is adding Redbox Instant and GamerTrailers to it’s stable of content providers.

GameTrailers on Xbox LIVE, which as you would imagine showcases the latest in trailers for upcoming AAA gaming titles and related content is now available to download. Users won’t need to create any GameTrailers specific account prior to using the application as it’s subscription fee and presented by AT&T.

Those looking to rent or outright purchase the latest in Hollywood Cinema will be delighted to find that Redbox Instant on Xbox LIVE is also available as of today. It provides multiple ways to enjoy content including a monthly subscription of $8 per month that nets users four DVD rentals at a Redbox kiosk and unlimited access to anything in the Instant streaming catalog.

As with all Xbox LIVE applications that aren’t Xbox Video, users will need to have an Xbox LIVE Gold account to take advantage of either of these applications, though Redbox Instant won’t gain the requirement for a limited time. Also, both of these applications are compatible with Kinect voice and gesture navigation for those who still haven’t found that remote the last in the couch sometime long ago.

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