In an update announced late last week, Microsoft is rolling out an update to Xbox SmartGlass on Android that will allow for more Android devices to use the feature.

According to MajorNelson the updates to Xbox SmartGlass for Android include support for more tablets with a screen size of around 10 inches and 7 inches and running Android “Jelly Bean”, the ability to open browser links from within the application, the ability to send and receive Xbox LIVE messages, an always-on mode for users looking to avoid having to unlock their Android device whenever it autolocks, and a newly streamlined design.

Users of Microsoft’s SmartGlass app on Android will be prompted to update the app by the Google Play Store over the next week or two. Microsoft originally debuted Xbox SmartGlass as part of last year’s fall update. When originally announced during last year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, the feature was designed to extend user’s experience in games, video and television shows onto whatever device they may also have in front of them. There are currently versions of Xbox SmartGlass for Windows 8, Windows Phone, Android, and iOS.

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