Rest assured Windows Phone users, according to an email correspondence from the service’s support team, Hulu Plus is on it’s way to Windows Phone users the world over.

This comes from of all places Hulu’s Support Team who received an email after a Windows Phone users noticed the application wasn’t yet available for his device. From Hulu Support,

“Thanks for writing in with your interest in using Hulu Plus on your Windows Phone. We get a lot of requests for this platform, and we’ve been working on making it available for some time. In fact, the app should be released in the near future.”

The email then goes on to apologize that the service doesn’t already support Windows Phone devices, and that any updates to the line up of devices that Hulu Plus supports would be announced the moment it was ready.

Hulu Plus, is already available on Xbox LIVE and Windows 8, so finally bringing support for Microsoft’s mobile operating system would finally complete the availability puzzle. Hulu Plus allows subscribers to enjoy streaming episodes of their favorite shows the day after they air in addition to acting as a video on demand service. We reviewed the service and it’s accompanying application when they debuted on Xbox LIVE in 2011.

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