Starting immediately, Windows Phone users can now get their fill of the latest television shows the day after they air with Hulu Plus for Windows Phone.

According to The Windows Phone Blog, the application -which is now available in the Windows Phone Store, allows users to view Hulu Plus’ entire catalog of television shows, movies, clips and trailers. It should be noted that while the application itself is free, Hulu requires users to have a Hulu Plus subscription in order to use any of it’s applications. Users can only watch content for free via

While this isn’t the first time the service has been made available for users on one of Microsoft’s platforms, it’s only the second time that users have been able to get their hands on Hulu on via a Microsoft platform without having to first pay Microsoft for access to it. Since Hulu Plus launched on Microsoft’s Xbox platform, users have had to pay for a Hulu Plus subscription and the cost of an Xbox LIVE Gold subscription before being able to enjoy the service’s library on the Xbox 360. Hulu Plus on Windows also doesn’t have this requirement.

In addition to streaming content, Hulu Plus on Windows Phone also allows users to have the application surface popular shows on their device’s lockscreen and Live Tile. Hulu Plus will not work on devices running Windows Phone 7.8 or Windows Phone 7.5.

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