We now have a set date for when we’ll learn more about Microsoft’s follow up to the Xbox 360, May 21st.

Information will be shared about the next Xbox at event Microsoft is holding on it’s Xbox campus on that day for press. Microsoft will also be streaming the event via the Xbox LIVE Event Player for the current Xbox, Xbox.com, and making the event available to watch on the Spike TV network.

It does appear that this will possibly be an event strictly about the hardware itself, as Director for Programming on Xbox LIVE, Larry Herb says that the company will use it’s press briefing at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo to go into detail about the console’s launch titles. Though we don’t yet know the exact date of the company’s E3 briefing, we do know that the event kicks off on Tuesday, June 11. Historically Microsoft has scheduled it’s press events for the proceeding Monday.


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