Their plot lines are slowing, viewership is creeping higher, and every outlandish reality television show is on it’s way back to your television set. It’s time to settle down with popcorn and enjoy the finales of your favorite shows! If you’ve missed large parts of your favorite shows since September, now it’s to catch up with Xbox Video’s TV Season Finale Sale.

For the next week the current season of their favorite shows for relatively heap including Family Guy Season 11, American Dad Season 8, Modern Family Season 4, The Following Season 1Castle Season 5, Once Upon A Time Season 2, Bones Season 8Hawaii Five-0 Season 3, Blue Bloods Season 3, CSI: New York Season 9, NCIS: Los Angeles Season 4, Vegas Season 1, Beauty and the Beast Season 1Glee Season 4Revenge Season 2, Grey’s Anatomy Season 9, The Mindy Project Season 1, Bob’s Burgers Season 3, How I Met Your Mother Season 8, New Girl Season 2, The Simpsons Season 24, The Cleveland Show Season 4Law & Order Special Victims Unit Season 14, Chicago Fire Season 1, Touch Season One, Go On Season 1, Saturday Night Live Season 38 and Emily Owens M.D. Season One.

Multiple seasons of some shows have also been discounted as part of the sale including Grimm Seasons 1-2, Parks and Recreation Seasons 1-5, 90210 Seasons 1-5, Parenthood Seasons 1-4, Smash Seasons 1-2, The Amazing Race Seasons 21-22 and Whitney Seasons 1-2.

There it is, the biggest television sale in Xbox Video this side of January. Take advantage folks, because from here on out we’ve got nothing to look forward to but music competition shows on the broadcast networks and hour long cable network dramas that always seem to revolve around “characters” and how the USA Network welcomes them.

Though, let’s be real here, no one actually expected Whitney Cumming’s Whitney to get a full two seasons to begin with.

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