Forget what you heard about Xbox on Windows Phone taking mobile gaming experiences to their logical conclusions first. It looks like Google’s Android operating system will beat Microsoft and Apple’s GameCenter to the punch if leaked details of feature additions to Android materialize.

Android Police was able to get their hands on a leaked copy of Google Play Services, an application that’s rumored to be getting detailed and launched this week at Google’s I/O event. According to the outlet, an updated version of he Play Services app includes massive changes like support for an embedded system for gaming notifications, saved game syncing, matchmaking, invites, scoring, leaderboards, and most notably achievements.

If the updated services are intended to be released anytime soon, Google would have managed to strike a huge blow against mobile gaming in all forms. It’s Android platform has already overtaken the iPhone, and completely eclipses Windows Phone.

Despite a weakened Nintendo and Sony the move would be most damaging for Windows Phone. When the platform debuted, it was believed that Microsoft would finally create it’s own mobile version of the Xbox LIVE experience to users. Unfortunately, this has yet to happen.