Amazon is debuting it’s own native Windows application to compliment it’s existing web-browser-based Amazon Cloud Player this week.

Starting immediately users, can  download Amazon Cloud Player for PCs and have the application automatically add their music from iTunes, Amazon, and Windows Media Player, -effectively becoming the only application users need no matter where they get their music..

While this isn’t exactly great news for those using Amazon Cloud Player who happen to have Surface RT devices, it’s perfect example of the landscape that Microsoft’s Xbox Music will have to battle with to win over users..

Currently the company has only made the service available on Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows Phone 8 devices. While users can still use an Xbox Music Pass on older Windows machines, they are only able to do so using the Zune Software, currently that software doesn’t allow users to access their cloud music collections.

Microsoft did announce that Xbox Music would be making it’s way to users of other mobile platforms however it has yet to do so eight months later, hopefully we can expect a status update on those applications at the company’s Xbox Revealed event coming up next week.


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