For true hip-hop heads, there’s nothing better than returning to genre’s heyday in the early to mid-1990s. In that same vain of going back to the days when the Notorious B.I.G ran the rap scene and Smokey Robinson’s The Quiet Storm ushered in late night slow dance sessions across the country, The New York Times has a terrific interactive photo essay on what’s happened to the neighborhoods that rap’s biggest stars once walked the streets.

The feature includes a look at the New York City neighborhoods made famous by the rhymes of Biggy, Gang Starr, the Beastie Boys, Biz Markie, Jay-Z, Talib Kweli, EPMD, Foxy Brown and Black Moon.

Sure, if you’re not into any of those guys already you may find the piece a bit fluffy, but hey -you needed more hip-hop in your life anyway.

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