The day that gamers have been waiting for has finally arrived. No more will they have to contend with wondering what kind of games will be shipping with the Xbox One; or guess about how the new console will fit into their entertainment life style, no sir! Today, is a day for decision making, and we’ll be here to bring you all the nonstop news you can handle.

Unfortunately, we won’t be doing so use our traditional LiveChat system due to some behind the scenes issues. That being said, we’ll still be providing a live video feed from the conference, and filling our Xbox One Hub with all the information we can find. Join us, the briefing should be all kinds of entertaining. Yeah, bad pun –but give us a break. It’s Monday.

Those who can’t be near their television -and happen to have a Windows Phone should go ahead and download the Live Event Player inside the Windows Phone Store. It’s free, and will allow you to watch the action from wherever you are, provided that you’ve got a decent mobile internet connection. The briefing will also be broadcast live on the Spike television network for those who have access to it.


Briefing Times

12:30 am EST

9:30 am PST

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