Though we’d argue nothing says Father’s Day like waking up to a household full of screaming toddlers and outrageously mind numbing cartoons; we don’t exactly have any children. As such, here’s a few of the movies we’ll be buying as part of Xbox Video’ Father’s Day Sale this weekend, in honor of fathers everywhere.

Until July 20th users can pick up Battleship, End of Watch, Cowboys & Aliens, Ted, The Grey, Safe House, The Man With the Iron Fists, The Bourne Legacy, Tower Heist Special Edition, Savages, Scarface, Killer Elite, Death Race 3: Inferno, 
Jaws, Moonrise Kingdom, Guns
and Girls And Gambling for $9.99 each.

Just remember to make sure you don’t put any of these on while the kids are in the room. We’re sure Dr. Phil would have something extremely poignant to say about that kind of behavior.

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