Following today’s BUILD Conference Keynote, Microsoft has now made a preview of the Windows 8.1 Preview available to all users.

The download, which involves a somewhat streamlined installation process can be started from here. Users will be prompted to download a small system update to Windows 8 before the installation of the update begins. The Windows 8.1 update includes many of the features the company had already announced would be coming to all Windows 8 users later this year. These features include, the return of the Start button to the taskbar, a revamped Xbox Music –of which the company says currently only has half of all the new features that will ship this fall and the ability to personalize the Start Screen even more.

Though the update is freely available, having now tried it for the past two hours, we’d strongly suggest that users hold off on downloading the preview. As it’s effectively a beta, some features cold not perform well or break in the preview. For example, our paige aiden Media issued XPS 13’s trackpad performance has been terrible.

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