From time to time, we like to spend Friday office at the afternoon jamming to whatever quality music we can find. Here’s what we have this week from our resident DJ, ThinkingWeasel.

Summer is the BEST time for new music and the team over at @stereo_dose have a great way to achieve whatever shall we say, ‘ambiance’ you may be seeking to create. When you visit Stereodose, you can select from a few different flavor varieties and then relax as wave after wave of sonic perfection rolls over your trembling eardrums. You can share via the standard socialBORGmedia channels and save to favorites too. The favorites list is a fickle thing, as yet. The developers told me via Twitter that it indeed saves everything but pulls from the list randomly, with no way to view/edit. To overcome this, I share everything I favorite so I can look it up again later. This works out well because the best part is that a vast swath of the tracks are available free, via SoundCloud as well.


The developer also mentioned that if there were enough interest that they would create a Windows app, to compliment the Android and iPhone apps that naturally, already exist. As a WP user, I lament daily the lack of app support for cool things like this, so do me a solid; get out there, check out the site, and demand StereoDose for Windows Phone!

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