Xbox Music Pass subscribers can now enjoy their entire music collection on a Mac or PC using the service’s new online portal.

Users can get access to the new web interface by heading to, where they’ll be prompted to sign in, and asked to subscribe to the Xbox Music if they don’t already have a membership.

In our, admittedly brief, testing of the site this morning we found the front end to be pretty fast and easy to browse. As the site is a near copy of the Xbox Music application that’s in the Windows 8.1 Preview, the ease of use isn’t exactly a surprise.

What did surprise us was the new site’s complete incompatibility with mobile web browsers. Each time we opened the site on our mobile device of choice we tested to had an error message, which highlighted the service’s system requirements.

This is huge since Microsoft has yet to make the Xbox Music Pass streaming available outside of their own products. The company did announce that it would create iOS and Android applications after the service debuted last year, but so far has remained quiet on when the applications will  arrive.

This online implementation doesn’t seem to have the Smart DJ/Radio functionality that is a part of all other Xbox Music clients.

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Microsoft has yet to formally announce

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