So you’ve had all the family togetherness, awkward dates, spoiled sports stars and overrated high-brow writing you can take this weekend? We’ve compiled The Favs, some of the best connected entertainment stories from this past week. It’s all that you need to feed for intellectual growth — short of going back to work tomorrow morning. Some of its original reporting, and some of it is the work of others.



Xbox One is not all about DRM

Recently, Microsoft gave the axe to many of the digital rights management or DRM policies that it spent the last month defending. While we’re inclined to think that the decision to kill off those policies, many of which would have meant a move toward progress in the gaming community, the deed has been done. Now we’re slowly starting to see a sense of normalcy return. That is, now most publications are actually looking at the games that were announced for the console. Here, Kotaku takes a look at what the titles that are coming to the Xbox One. Xbox One’s Awful DRM Drowned Out Some Really Cool Games


Sony shot itself in the foot trying to outdo Microsoft

Most news watchers seems to get a bit nervous whenever large publications talk about having sources inside a company that know things that aren’t public knowledge. First, they should. Second, sometimes anonymous sources turn out to actually know the truth. No, we can’t verify that this is true, but inside sources who spoke to IGN indicate, that in order to undercut Microsoft’s Xbox One at the last minute, Sony dropped the PlayStation 4’s dedicate camera. What’s key here is the article’s tone. While most gamers would be comfortable with Microsoft removing the Kinect sensor that is included with every Xbox One, it would seriously harm the platform, and by extension users. Sony Scarified the PlayStation 4 Camera to Beat Microsoft



Time well spent with Windows 8.1

ConsumerCamp tends to always approach things from the eye of users looking to create and explore with Microsoft’s latest offerings. This week, they took a look at the long awaited Windows 8.1 Preview. We won’t spoil it by discussing their final feelings on the subject, but it looks like they may be impressed. Hands on with Windows 8.1 Preview


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