Kids and comedy lovers rejoice, both Comedy Central and Nick now have applications on the Xbox 360.

As of this past Tuesday, users can download both applications and get their video fix for free — well almost fee.

Just as allows children and children at heart to watch entire episodes of their favorite shows, so too does Nick for Xbox 360. Nick has even gone and made the experience easier by allow kids to sort through shows by their favorite characters like Sam from iCarly and Leonardo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. As is so often the case with television shows, there is a catch. Some full episodes in Nick for Xbox 360 do require a cable television subscription

Comedy Central Stand Up for Xbox 360 actually focuses on providing the very best in standup comedy instead of the channel’s flagship comedy shows. According to Xbox Wire users can stream stand up acts from around 700 comedians. Comedy Central: Stand Up for Xbox 360 doesn’t carry the same streaming restrictions that Nick for Xbox 360 does.

Both applications do require an Xbox LIVE Gold subscription.

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