Microsoft has modified the internal components of the Xbox One for better reliability and responsiveness.

That’s according to an episode of this week’s Major Nelson Radio podcast which featured a progress update on the Xbox One by Marc Whitten, Xbox’s chief product officer.

The final version of the Xbox One that ships to consumers this fall will actually feature a graphics processor with a clock speed of 853 MHZ instead of the 800 MHZ that Microsoft originally planned. Whitten says that users will also benefit from a new graphics driver that has been completely optimized for the Xbox One, though we’d imagine that gaming enthusiasts assumed they’d be getting a console with software that’s tailored to give them a great experience already.

Whitten and the show’s host, Larry Hyrb also took the opportunity to talk more about the Smart Match matchmaking system that multiplayer users will be able to take advantage of, and how Microsoft will harness the power of the community to police the new Xbox LIVE.

Despite how much you think you may already know about the console, we don’t think it would hurt to give the show a listen before placing your pre-order.

Microsoft is expected to detail even more about the Xbox One just before this year’s GamesCom event. Its press event is scheduled for August 20th. The Xbox One is expected to launch sometime this fall.




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