Since Microsoft first announced that it would be bring a number of new features to Xbox LIVE Gold with the Xbox One, it had been noticeably quiet about what features would only be available to users who have an Xbox LIVE Gold subscription. Now, we know.

A chart posted to, and first noticed by One Hit Pixel details the entire situation. According to the wording of the chart indicated Xbox LIVE Gold features, multiplayer, entertainment applications, Internet Explorer web browsing, NFL on Xbox and the new One Guide software for making the Xbox One a defacto-cable box, will all require an Xbox LIVE Gold subscription.

GameDVR recording functions and Skype calls will also require the user to have an Xbox LIVE Gold subscription. Although the subscription isn’t exactly expensive, just $10 when paid in monthly installments, it is notable that Microsoft has chosen to once again require entertainment app users to purchase an Xbox LIVE Gold subscription.

Many of these services, like Netflix, require their own subscription, meaning users are effectively being charged again to access a service that they’ve already paid for. Sony doesn’t do this for its PlayStation 3 console and many had hoped that the move would put pressure on Microsoft ease the restriction on entertainment applications.


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