You know we’re getting close to the next generation of consoles when we’re so excited that we start reporting on the unboxing of a product. Take Microsoft’s new unboxing video of the Xbox One for example. We may have watched it more times than is considered mentally healthy.

The video was posted to Xbox’s YouTube page just this morning, along with a post from Xbox Wire that highlights a few of the things that users can expect from the hardware. Noted features in that post include, the custom controller and exclusive achievement that come as part of the Xbox One Day One bundle, and the HDMI cable that comes included with every Xbox One. Each Xbox One will also ship with a Kinect sensor, power adapter, and headset.

Overall, it’s very much a muted affair, but still enjoyable. Microsoft isn’t expected to launch the Xbox One until sometime this November, however users can still pre-order the console right now on Amazon and gaming and toy outlets.

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