Time Warner Cable subscribers no longer have to feel left out when it comes to streaming content available on Xbox LIVE. As of now, it’s users can stream a huge cache of television shows and movies using the Time Warner Cable for Xbox 360 app, and get live television to boot.

Xbox Wire revealed the details of the new application earlier this week. According to it Time Warner Subscribers with an Xbox LIVE account internet and cable subscription can stream 300 of the providers most popular cable channels. These channels include everything from Nickelodeon to AMC and Comedy Central. Time Warner will also allow these users to stream content from their library of on-demand programming. Just as with all other entertainment apps on Xbox LIVE, Time Warner Cable for Xbox 360 is completely Kinect compatible.

Of course, users will have to maintain a Time Warner Cable and internet subscription to use the application. That’s in addition to paying for Xbox LIVE Gold. However, since most users pay Time Warner Cable for set-top boxes, that their Xbox 360 can now replace, it’s not a bad proposition at all.

This deal nearly duplicates the functionality that’s available to Verizon Fios and AT&T customers. While Comcast does have an application on the Xbox 360, users are restricted to just access to the company’s on-demand library.

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