It wasn’t too long ago that Xbox Music, Microsoft’s replacement for Zune debuted. At that time — a year ago — the company announced that it would be bringing it’s music service to other platforms for the first time. Today, it’s finally made good on that promise.

Starting today, users can download Xbox Music applications for both iOS and Android. Through these native applications users will be able to browse their entire cloud collection, much like they can do with the native Xbox Music experience on Windows Phone.

The company is also bolstering the feature set of Xbox Music on the web. Starting today, users will be able to create playlists using the web application. Microsoft has also tweaked the design of the web application.

Unfortunately, it isn’t all good news. Xbox Music on Android and iOS users won’t be able to listen to music if they are disconnected from the internet, Microsoft says it plays to add offline playback capability overtime, but it’s not available in the current release.

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